Thursday, March 20, 2014

A berry vintage birthday party

Its no secret that I have an obsession with all things vintage! So this theme for her birthday had to reflect that, after all I am the hostess i should have a little fun too! I am always flattered by the comments i get from people. I can see how it may seem that i spend a lot of money on my parties but really I don't. I do however put in a lot of thought and time into the preparation and execution of my parties. I try to make everything but if it turns out to be easier I will splurge on certain things. It all depends on how I weigh my pros and cons. "is this really worth the headache?" or "is this something I should break down and buy? If i can avoid spending $$ I will because to me, that little money saved can be used to buy my daughter presents or save money for a camping trip later on. I constantly get teased for my hoarding tendencies but sometimes my hording pays off. When i do spend money I spend it on things i can use over and over. You will notice that a lot of my tableware and platters are used from previous parties. I will try to be more detailed into my madness and maybe you can realize its no so hard to throw awesome and unique parties of your own! 

With Kara still being little she had only three requirements, 
1.Candy 2. Chocolate Cake and a 3. One of her favorite TV characters 

I had originally wanted to do a Minnie mouse vintage theme since her most favorite character is Minnie mouse.. (because I have this super cute red gumball machine I bought at a flea market) This is where my OCD really gets in the way and what i mean by this is I obsess over things that shouldn't really matter but allow me to explain.... Kara's first and second birthday fell on the weekend and since she just so happens to be a st patty's baby I longed to incorporate green color some way into her party.. Since her first 2 birthdays incorporated both green and a vintage theme I wanted to stay consistent with the trend. I do this because I make photobooks of her parties and since I think wayyy in advance I thought for a milestone birthday I can display her birthday books and if they are displayed I Want them to all have a similar format... I know.. way too obsessed but Kara really got into watching strawberry shortcake so usually what i plan 6 months in advance for I finally got a break in my planning about 3 months ago. 

I had really fell in love with the vintage candy store idea or farmers market but with my little three year old I had the character requirement but I still tried to incorporate it for my own style. 

This was really the source of my inspiration for the party.. I saw this and had to have it and planned on doing a vintage candy store birthday party but like I said Kara wanted a character on TV, so desperate to incorporate my $5 flea market find I jumped on the strawberry shortcake birthday idea! 

Candy can be a big expenditure if you are planning to incorporate a candy or dessert station into your party.. but fortunately for me my mother got a whole bunch of Christmas candy for free.. So she separated the red and and white sixlets and used them for valentines day.. I of course got the left overs... I still needed to incorporate the other colors like pink and green so after valentines day I bought a discounted bag of the valentine mix and then I bought one bag of Easter m&ms ($2.50) picked out the pink and green and it was more than enough to fill the gumball machine.. 

Gumballs are also courtesy of my mother after Christmas deal! Confession:I had an obstacle that I don't normally have.. my printer went out about 4 months ago and dang, if I didn't realize how much I used that thing.. I had to construction paper and had to last minute print out pictures at my aunts house (completely crooked lol not great at freehand). SO I couldn't really personalize like I like too  :/ but this is where my philosophy of thrive don't buy plays a huge role in why I save $$, Going out and buying a printer just to have personalize paper labels was not practical.. but this goes to show you can still do what you can without a lot of effort..

No labels, like I said.. Had to use my imagination.. Left over tags from Alice in wonderland tag. Just regular yards sale tags.. The baskets were my one splurge item.. I ordered them off etsy and they cost just as much to ship as they were.. lol but at $10 total cost not too bad for a splurge item.. Hair-bows were made with scrap fabric courtesy of my grandmother who quits SUPER EASY... great tutorial on you-tube.

These cookies came from local grocery Pepperidge Farms.. They are soo good! Never had them until now.. got them because I thought they would display well.. Overall success!! 

Like I said recycled everything.. Cake platters make great displays for anything because you stack and stagger goodies..

The strawberry pops are marshmallows dipped in white chocolate.. This is one of these things I wish I would just splurged and bought lollipops or something because they were a serious headache and believe it or not they were really too sweet.. my kids only ate a few.. They are a lot easier than cake pops for sure put still messy and trying to find things to put them in before they dries left mess everywhere!! 

Wanna guess where the candy canes came from.. :)

All fabric was fortunately given to me by my grandmother but if you dont have fabric.. Sheets can work just as good.. I made the flag out of scraps and hot glue.. 

Tissue paper balls.. I get made fun of for saving the tissue paper out of my daughters present bags every year.. But I use it for everything.. FYI.. I had to buy pink because I was out.. if I had it I would have had it at least $5 bucks.. Not much, but these little things can add up at in a Walmart or dollar store trip..

I use this frame for everything.. IT was originally bought for my wedding for our Candy Buffet.. My husband hates it.. he thinks its ugly.. lol Good thing he doesn't have a say in the party decor. A goodwill purchase, it had a portrait painting of a little girl in it.. that was kinda not cute.. but don't pass up on a item because it doesn't have the full package.. see it for what it could be..

My favorite aspect of the party.. I found a great tutorial on these and I don't know why i never seen them before!! SO easy.. scrapbook paper dollies if you want, stapler and hot-glue.. I saved these because I thought I could use them for something else.. Would make a great photo-booth backdrop!!

I am all about presentation.(presentation can make your party look fancier than it actually is.. well for me anyway!)  I wrapped the hot-dogs and I got the bags at Walmart to put the Doritos in.. they must have been left over from valentines day because when i got to the register it was only 10cents.. SCORE!

I am glad I found the tutorial on the flowers because now that I reflect  because there is a lot of red and yellow going on at the food table.. lol but it all worked out.. Popcorn boxes were a dollar general find.. $1.

The Strawberry Crushes are something I would call a splurge.. Simply because you can make punch or koolaid for next to nothing.. But i was going for the vintage country/farmers market look.. These rounded to about $4 for a pack of 6 and I bought 2 packs.

I had this on the cake table, I just moved it in front of the window to get a better picture of it.. There's that tissue paper again.. Save your paper!!! 

This is the same vase I used for a graduation party center piece last year.. I used bamboo skewers to attach them..

       Now i mentioned before that Kara wanted a chocolate cake but I waited until the last minute to get a cake because I don't really care for chocolate overload and I couldn't think of anything i thought would look cute... OCD episode.. ME and my husband standing in Kroger arguing over it.. (HE loves chocolate BTW).. He picked this out.. I hesitantly walked to the register pouting.. lol And then I was like Ill just put strawberries on it lol Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and just trust it will all work out.. It usually will.. Every one I think preferred to the chocolate to my while cakes.. as most everyone loves chocolate.. I'm the odd ball...

The pink tablecloth has been reused several time.. first used for my daughters 5th mermaid birthday party.. 

I usually use dollies to put underneath my strawberries but I used them all on the paper flowers.. but after noticing the cookies in the pepperidge farms being displayed in these little wrappers that look like coffee filters so that's what I used.. Platter came from dollar tree and I used a few at Emma's Alice in wonderland birthday as "serving platters" 

She had been practicing blowing out her birthday candles for many weeks prior!

The paper machete pinata.. not perfect but way better than spending $20 on something they were just going to destroy anyway..

 Decorating cupcakes.. and making strawberry cupcake holders...

Aunt Jessica's adorable mini cupcake

And of course Kara's favorite part.. She ripped those presents apart soo fast there is hardly any blurred ones.. LOL :) HAPPY DIY'ing and Happy PARTYING!! :)

Monday, March 10, 2014

KARA IS Turning three!

With Kara's birthday and our home renovation underway I have completely lost time on the normal things I usually like to have done prior to the final week leading up to her birthday. Not to mention mother nature has had some serious mood swings. I had no time to order invites, and her birthday pictures were literally taken in under 10 minutes in my garage/new addition.. Sometimes you have to go with the flow and work with what you got. I set up a small backdrop, that isn't perfect but it sufficed. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

DIY Fort and Photography Backdrop

I spent all morning working on these pics because i knew if i didn't post them today, they were never going to get posted. I am a kinda "well that's old news" kinda girl. Those who know me I am a huge fan of DIY but not when in requires a lotta $$$.. Some projects end up costing me more in headache then it would be just to have it done for me. This project however did take a long time (around 5 hours) but if you have the patience and the time it is worth it. 

I don't know how other people's children are but mine are not the best with the picture taking buisness. Well, accept Emma she is kind of used to it by now but I have learned to make every "picture opportunity" fun for my girls. Forcing them to over pose or getting frustrated with them in the past didn't make for fun memories. So now I make it an event! I don;t stress over hair and little things anymore because it doesnt matter!! What matters is having fun and making and capturing great memories!